May 2017

President Beatrice Reid welcomed members, tellers, May Ogg and Ella Bell, and guest speaker Annette Mackie of “Perfect Scents” to the May meeting. Voting papers were collected and the tellers retired to count votes.

Motto: Keep on – Keeping on

Annette Mackie of Perfect Sense told us of the various alternative therapies she uses in her salon, and demonstrated on two members to illustrate her skills in facial massage and cleansing, and hopi ear candling. She also answered many questions.

Last orders were taken for Calendars, diaries, and magazines. Members were reminded of the 100th Anniversary Party of the “Rural” at Rothiemay on the afternoon of 2nd July. Readings of “As Others See Us” and “The Clockie” were given by the President.

After the tea break, members heard the Minutes of the previous Buniness Meeting, as well as a report on our finances, the Secretary’s Report and the President’s Address. The outgoing committee were warmly thanked for their work during the session.

The competitions resulted as follows:
1. Design for a notebook cover

1st Ina Whyte
2nd Gemma Murphy

2. Home- made lemonade
1st Margaret Campbell

Competition Winners throughout the year were:

Shearer Trophy Margaret Campbell

(Runner Up) Edith Nicoll Trophy Sheila McWilliam

(Most Tries) Ethel Nicol Cup Margaret Donald

The results of the voting were:

Judy Anderson; Lynda Forbes; Nancy Keir; Anne Legg; Lynn Murphy; Pat Shanks; Morag Spark; Sheila Willox;

April 2017

Motto: Friendship is a sheltering tree

A warm welcome was extended to members and to our guest speaker, Jill Stewart of CLAN Family Support.

Tribute was paid to Jean Matthews who had recently passed away. She was a loyal, quiet and unassuming member of our “rural” and will be sadly missed.

Voting papers were issued for next month’s AGM and orders taken for calendars, diaries and magazines. Details of Banffshire Federation’s ‘Rural Centenary’ Event at Rothiemay on 2nd July were also passed on.

Our guest speaker, Jill Stewart of CLAN Family Support, was introduced and gave us a very informative, interesting and caring insight into what her work involved. Rhoda Thomson proposed the vote of thanks.

A very welcome Tea Break followed.

Competitions were judged by Jill Stewart as follows:

1. 4 savoury canapés (2 varieties) 1st Lynn Murphy 2nd Margaret Campbell

2. 3 Things to put in Room 101 1st Margaret Campbell 2nd Judy Anderson

The meeting closed with a reminder of the various events to come

March 2017

Motto: The best physicians are Dr Diet, Dr Quiet, and Dr Merryman.

President Beatrice Reid welcomed members and guest speaker Sheona Brown to the March meeting. Sheona arrived at very short notice when the demonstrator for the evening had to cancel due to illness.

Congratulations were extended to all members who entered items for the Aberlour Spring Show where several trophies were won: namely The H.I.S. Challenge Cup, The Sandy NcTavish Shield, The Garrow Rose Bowl and the Dunleigh Cup.

The speaker/demonstrator for the evening Sheona Brown was introduced and showed how to make a small purse using Harris Tweed. All her bags are produced using beautiful tweeds and cashmeres ranging from toilet and cosmetic bags to many pocketed handbags and purses. She was warmly thanked by Sheila Willox.

The tea break followed, with much discussion of the variety of bags on display.

Sheona Brown judged the competitions as follows:

1. Home-made beauty tip 1st Margaret Campbell 2nd Sheila Willox

2. 2 Scotch eggs 1st Lynn Murphy 2nd Julia Geddes

The tea hostess were thanked for producing a very refreshing cuppa, and after the raffle was drawn, members were wished a safe journey home.

February 2017

Motto: New dishes make new appetites
The February meeting took the form of a taste and try session together with slides of Sheena Nicolson’s return visit to Malawi. She last showed slides to us in May 2016 of the various placements she undertook in the Education Section of VSO. Gifts of crochet bags and knitted toorie hats etc made by rural members were given to her then, for her return visit later in the year. It was gratifying to see slides of these being put to good use. Lynda Forbes proposed the vote of thanks. The taste and try brought a lovely selection of both savoury and sweet dishes as well as baking and a fruit cordial. Sheena Nicolson also provided a traditional dish eaten in Malawi, made from maize flour and vegetables, which was just a bit different.

Following the tea break, discussion took place on the proposed summer outing. On display too was our Institute’s contribution to the wall hangings being put together to celebrate the Centenary of “the rural” later this year.

The competitions resulted as follows:

1. Holiday tea towel 1st Margaret Campbell 2nd Beatrice Reid

2. Something new from something old 1st Sheila McWilliam

3. 3 fruit marmalade (judged at Institute level) Sheila McWilliam

Beatrice Reid thanked the members for their selection of items for the taste and try, and also the tea hostesses for a refreshing cuppa. All were wished a safe journey home.

January 2017
The President welcomed everyone to the January Meeting and wished members a very happy New Year.

Motto for the month: When friends meet, hearts warm.

A report of the Federation Meeting in November was given, as was dates for your diary of future Federation events. Information from Headquarters re The Centenary, and the events being held this year were also passed on.
An exciting Beetle Drive followed with most beetles produced won by Nancy Keir, and the highest score going to Valerie Thayne. The winners were suitably rewarded.

Tea Break followed along with a short quiz compiled by Valerie Thayne. The competitions were judged as follows:

1. Date Loaf 1st Beatrice Reid 2nd Margaret Campbell

2. Knitted Bed Socks 1st Sheila Willox 2nd Isabel Mellis

Members then voted on the proposed changes to the SWI Constitution. The raffle was drawn and tea hostesses were thanked for a very refreshing cuppa. The meeting closed with everyone wished a safe journey home.

November 2016

Everyone was welcomed to the November Meeting.

Our motto for the month was “Make cheerfulness part of your equipment”

Our demonstrator was unable to attend and Robbie Keir filled in at very short notice with slides which he entitled “There’s aye something gan oan” which proved to be very true. We all relived the floral displays in the village, the road works as well as flooding in Speyside. We also saw some lovely scenes in Perth and Tayside, and were entertained by the ruggedness of the long distance walk from Tarbert to Campbeltown and on to Macrihanish – The Kintyre Way. Beatrice Reid proposed the vote of thanks.
Members were thanked for the exra catering provided for the Federation Craft Day. Various other items of Federation News were passed on to members.
Tea break followed and the competitions were judged as follows
1. Nicely wrapped parcel: 1st Valerie Thayne 2nd Ina Whyte
2. 2 filled meringues: 1st Margaret Campbell 2nd Sheila McWilliam
The tea hostesses were thanked for a welcome cuppa, and the raffle was drawn. This brought the meeting to a close, and members were wished a safe journey home.

October 2016 Meeting

A warm welcome was extended to members, visitors from Longmorn and Knockando SWIs , Aberlour Church Woman’s Guild, and our entertainers The Greenbrae Gaugers, by President Beatrice Reid.
The motto with friendship as the theme: “May the hinges of friendship never rust”.
The Greenbrae Gaugers then provided a great programme of music, stories and songs to the company which we all enjoyed.
The tea break followed and a well stocked sales table was declared open for business.

The competitions were judged as follows:
Best paper and comb tune (judged by the entertainers)
1st Nancy Keir
2nd Judy Anderson

Two Hallowe’en Cupcakes (judged by the visitors)
1st Lynne Murphy
2nd Margaret Campbell

The Greenbrae Gaugers then provided another session of entertaining and foot-tapping music and song. Judy Anderson proposed the vote of thanks to the entertainers.
The raffle was drawn.
Isobel Hendry, President of Knockando SWI thanked Edinvillie on behalf of the visitors, for the evening’s entertainment and for a delicious tea.

September 2016 Meeting

President Beatrice Reid welcomed members, visitors and the guest speaker Mr Robbie Innes, to the September Meeting of the 2016/17 Session.

Two members, who had been ill during the summer, expressed their thanks and appreciation for get well wishes they had received, and were now on the road to recovery.

News from the Federation Meeting was passed to the members. This included details of plans being put in place to celebrate the centenary of SWRI in 2017

Motto: “A garden is a lovesome thing”

Mr Robbie Innes was then introduced to the meeting. He produces novelty wooden garden spinners of varying designs from Santa Claus to Christmas Trees, from penguins to meerkats and any variety of domestic animals. We were shown how he goes about making them, and he obviously gets a lot of pleasure in the process. Sheila Willox proposed the vote of thanks.

The tea break followed

Competitions, judged by Mr Innes, and were as follows:

4 rock cakes:
1st Sheila Willox
2nd Margaret Campbell

Garden Photo:
1st Sheila McWilliam
2nd Isabel Mellis

A volunteer, to supply a recipe for the web site, was sought.
Members were reminded that Tuesday afternoon craft classes begin on Tuesday 4th October from 2pm-4pm, all welcome.

Members were also reminded of the Spring Show in March and urged to get bulbs planted by end of October and to get crafting as well!

The raffle followed, tea hostesses were thanked for a most welcome cuppa and members were wished a safe journey home.

March 2016 Meeting

Margaret Campbell, P
resident, welcomed members and our guest speaker, Jim Hart, to the meeting. Motto for March: Pleasant faces make pleasant places, and hoist the flag of hospitality.
Members were thanked for submitting entries to Aberlour Spring Show and were congratulated on winning the Sandy McTavish Shield and the Nancy Robertson Trophy.

Our guest speaker, Jim Hart, explained the work involved at the Aberlour Visitor Centre which is manned by volunteers, as is the Station Tearoom. Ownership was passed to Aberlour Community Association from The Moray Council approximately a year ago.
A welcome cuppa was served by Isabel Mellis and helpers.
The competitions resulted as follows:

Handmade souvenir
1st Lisa Millar
2nd Lynda Forbes

Photo of local landmark
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Isabel Mellis

February 2016 Meeting

President Margaret Campbell welcomed members and guest speaker milliner Meg Lowe to the February Meeting. The motto for the evening: An ounce of example is worth a ton of advice.
After some business was dealt with, The President introduced Meg Lowe, who gave an excellent and humorous talk on how she became a milliner. She showed us a variety of hat shapes and materials from which she makes her creations. Everyone suits a hat. It all depends on how you wear it! A variety of hats brought to the meeting were very much admired.
Lisa Millar proposed the vote of thanks

The competition for a decorated Easter Bonnet and a decorated Easter Egg were judged by Meg Lowe and resulted as follows:
Easter Bonnet
1st Lisa Millar
2nd Sheila Willox

Easter Egg
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Sheila McWilliam

Tea hostesses were thanked, and the raffle drawn, which brought the meeting to a close.

December 2015 Meeting

Edinvillie SWI 85th Birthday + Christmas Party December 16th 2015

President Margaret Campbell welcomed a large turnout of members past and present to our 85th Birthday Party, together with guests from Banffsire Federation Kreesha Smith(President), Anne Pirie and Lorna Milne Assistant Secretaries. An excellent Christmas Meal was served and a celebratory birthday cake was cut by Kreesha Smith President of Banffshire Federation and Margaret Campbell, President of Edinvillie SWI.

Nancy Keir read a poem written by Judy Anderson of the decades and changing times of the 'Rural'. A toast to the future of our Institute was proposed by the Federation President.

Excellent musical entertainment followed by the Aberlour Reelers. Photographs were produced and passed round of Edinvillie's 21st birthday and a summer outing to Perth prompting much chat and reminiscences of past times. Votes of thanks were proposed to the caterers and entertainers and Santa had called in the meantime with a large sack of gifts for distribution.

President Margaret Campbell wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.

November 2015 Meeting

President Margaret Campbell welcomed a large turnout to the November Meeting, and also to members of the prize-winning Cranloch SWI Choir who were entertaining us for the evening. She also welcomed groups from Aberlour Church Womans Guild, Aberlour Church Choir and Women's Institutes from Knockando, Botriphnie, Longmorn and Mosstodloch. The motto for the evening was "Music, when voices fade, lingers on in the memory". We enjoyed a lovely programme of music and prose which was greatly enjoyed by our visitors. Mabel Donald proposed the vote of thanks. Tea, sandwiches and home bakes were served, and a very busy sales table was thrown open.
Competitions were well supported and resulted as follows:-

Christmas Tree Decoration (any craft)
1st Ina Whyte
2nd Valerie Thayne

1st Valerie Thayne
2nd Shiela McWilliam

The raffle was drawn, and our visitors were then free to leave. We still had some business to conduct, and the final arrangements were also made for our 85th Birthday Party on Wednesday 16th December in the Hall at 6pm for 6.30pm. There will be a Secret Santa.

October 2015 Meeting

President Margaret Campbell welcomed members, guests, and our speaker for the evening, Norman Calder of Great British Bake Off fame.
The motto for the meeting: "Face powder catches a man, but it takes baking powder to keep him."
Norman Calder then told us about his interesting experiences in the Great British Bake Off, when on retirement he decided to apply, along with thousands of others, to be a contestant. He led us through the various elimination processes and to his first meeting with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood and to behind the scenes dramas and events of the Bake Off. He proved to be a humorous and entertaining speaker. We were all treated to a taste of his more unusual home bakes with our cuppa.
Beatrice Reid proposed the vote of thanks.
Competitions resulted as follows:

Hallowe'en Mask:
Lynda Forbes
2nd Lisa Millar

Two Toffee Apples:
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Lynda Forbes

Tea hostesses were thanked and the raffle drawn, before the meeting closed.

September 2015 Meeting

President Margaret Campbell welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new session, and was delighted to report that a new member had joined.
The Motto for the month: "I,too, will something make and be happy in the making"
Demonstration of corsages from tweed and tartan Unfortunately the demonstrator was unable to come and had to cancel at short notice; however her place was amply filled by secretary Lisa Miller who took along her workbox of the many corsages she had made from tweeds and tartans and the various buttons, beads and ribbon that could be used to enhance the finished product. Members then enjoyed having a go at making their own.
The December meeting will be our 85th birthday, and will be celebrated in Edinvillie Hall.
Competitions resulted as follows:

HA Single Rose:
Anne Legg
2nd Isobel Mellis

Two Decorated Cupcakes:
1st Sheila MacWilliam
2nd Margaret Campbell

Aberlour Spring Show Schedules were handed out. Raffles were drawn, tea hostesses and the demonstrator were thanked and the meeting closed wishing all a safe journey home

June 2015 Outing

Members of Edinvillie WRI and friends had an early morning start for their summer outing to "Taste of Grampian" on 6th June. They set off in time to catch the first of the morning cookery and baking demonstrations. Other members opted to tour the many food stalls and trade stands, enjoying some tasty bites in the process. All agreed it had been a wonderful and interesting day out with lots to see and do

April 2015 Report

President Mabel Donald welcomed visitors from Knockando & New Elgin SWRI and also Aberlour Guild.
Our speaker for the evening was Carol Bridge the Centre Head for Maggies Highlands. Carol explained with the help of a slide show all about Maggies and the free, practical and emotional support they give to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Maggies also helps friends and families to come to terms with all aspects of living with cancer.

The first Maggies was opened in Edinburgh 18 years ago and now there are 18 Maggies scattered around Great Britain, But also one in Hong Kong and soon to be one in Barcelona (4 more planned for 2015). All the centres are bright and relaxing places with the kitchen at the heart, each building is different and very unhospital like. As well as scheduled support groups they are also a drop in centre where people can get together for a chat and a brew.

Maggies Highlands last year avereaged 30 visit per day from people looking for advice and help. They have a benefits advisor, a nutricianist, fitness expert and many other network groups.HRH The Dutchess of Cornwall is patron of Maggies which was started by Maggie Keswick Jencks & her husband Charles Jencks.

Following the talk a quick fun quiz then a lovely cup of tea and refreshments with the sales table open and selling cakes very quickly. The raffle was drawn before the competition results announced.

Swiss Milk Tablet
1st Julie Geddes
2nd Margaret Donald

1st Lisa Millar
2nd Isabel Mellis.

March 2015 Report

President Mabel Donald opened the meeting with a welcome to visitors and guests from Longmorn, Boharm and Botriphnie SWRI, also Dorothy and Maureen from Speyside Wardrobe.
Invitation have been received to attend a meeting at Mosstodloch and Knockando over the next few months.
Dorothy gave a interesting demonstration and talk on how to dress "cost to wear" style. She started by saying most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and how buying with knowledge can reverse this Knowing your body shape, colour block and realising what scale and proportion works for you can give you confidence to shop well.
Both Dorothy & Maureen agreed that a full length mirror and taking time to look at why something doesn't feel/look right can save a lot of the "left in the wardrobe after one wear" outfits. Dorothy also demonstrated how accessories can change an outfit and can change your face, using jewellery, scarfs and belts. Then came all the different ways to tie a scarf both long and square ones. An education hopefully some of which we will remember tomorrow. A round of applause and a vote of thanks to Speyside Wardrobe completed the talk.

After a lovely tea, raffle and a good buy at the sales table. Mabel (President) then congratulated Edinvillie on winning two trophies at the Aberlour Spring Show and two members (Isabel Mellis and Sheila Willox) for their Awards of Merit at the show

Competition results -

Favourite Brooch
1st Lisa Millar
2nd Nancy Keir.

Individual cold sweet
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Mabel Donald.

Money raised from raffle, sales table and visitors entry will go with next months money raised to our two charities chosen this year, Parkinson's & Maggies.

February 2015 Report

President Mabel Donald welcomed everyone and introduced the speaker for the evening Mr Alan Souter.
Invitation have been received to attend a meeting at Mosstodloch and Knockando over the next few months.
The slide show and talk for the evening was "Mountain to Garden". We were treated to stunning slides of Switzerland near the Eiger.
Winter snow and the start of spring/summer with wonderful alpine flowers, a mecca for botanists. Due to the short season for alpine flowers a little warm sun brings out carpets of flowers.
Then from mountain we travelled to garden with slides of Alan's own garden. Alan gave lots of good tips for creating an alpine garden / rockery in your own garden, useing sented soap pieces to keep the deer away and utilising old sinks or fish tanks to make troughs.
Alan had used one of his stunning photographs of the "Lady's Slipper Orchid to have placemats made, so from mountain to dinner table via garden to be enjoyed everyday.
Alan had done a lucky dip for the members and three lucky winners (Ina, Valarie & Judy) received a pot of crocus bulbs.
Tea and raffle followed with the results of the two competitions announced -
Bird Photo
1st Julie Geddes
2nd Valarie Thayne
Paper Flower
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Valarie Thayne
A new photo of the presentation of certificates to Edinvillie "long time" members is to be displayed in the hall.
Next months we have visitors from Botriphne, Cromdale and Longmorn. President thanked everyone and wished all a safe journey home.


November 2014 Report

The speaker for the meeting was Eleanor Kidd, from Moray Local Heritage Centre, who gave a very informative talk. Eleanor told us about the variety of information you can find and how this can be used to create your family tree or even the history for your home.
Documents that can be viewed include valuation rolls, original plans, newspapers and even graveyard plans. There is also a large archive of local photographs that can be viewed. The staff and volunteers are always happy to help with searches and to give suggestions on the best way to track down that long forgotten relative. Group tours of the Moray Local Heritage Centre can be arranged and this has been marked as one of the Edinvillie SWRI trips out for the New Year.
Following the vote of thanks a fun quiz was competitively taken part in, followed by a good cup of tea.
The pre 1950’s photo competition had lots of entries and we were entertained with a little information on who was represented in each photograph and the gingerbread looked wonderful.

Next meeting is the Edinvillie Birthday Party (Christmas Meal) with Secret Santa to get us all ready for Christmas.

October 2014 Report

Motto for the meeting “Health is a blessing that money can’t buy”

Our main speaker & demonstrator for October was Lorraine Winchester who gave an interesting and practical demonstration of Reflexology. Lorraine explained the relationship of the parts of the feet, hands and ears have with the whole body.  When taking on a new client a full consultation is done as certain conditions can be affected by reflexology & after a session a client must drink lots (preferably water). Lorraine asked everyone to consider volunteering at Moray college for the students who are always looking for volunteers.

A vote of thanks was given for the very interesting talk before refreshments were served.

Loyalty Certificates were presented by President Mable Donald to five members who cover over 265 years with Edinvillie SWRI between them. Nancy Geddes (70 years a member), Jessie Edwards, Sheila Willox, Beatrice Reid and Mary McHardy.

September 2014 Report

We had a very entertaining and interesting talk on volunteering during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games by Ronella McGrath. 

Also we enjoyed getting tips on spring bulb planting from Nancy Keir in order that we can all enter our local Spring Show.

Summer 2014 Report

On Wednesday 18th June a happy group of 21 members set out in sunshine on their Summer Outing. After various “pick ups” they were on the way to Knockando Woollen Mill where they were split into 2 groups and then taken on a guided tour/talk. Well informed guides showed the various stages of the process and told of the history of the mill from its beginnings to the present day.

The recently landscaped garden was bonny in the sunshine and the noisy machines were fascinating. A watch of the film for some, a cup of tea for others then it was back on the bus for a lovely drive through the beautiful countryside to Forres, where at the Mosset Tavern a warm welcome waited.
All enjoyed a lovely tea with good cakes to “fight over”, followed by a drive back with “drop offs” along the way to Edinvillie.
All agreed a wonderful outing “can’t wait for the next one!”

April 2014 Report

Edinvillie Rural welcomed Donna Clark from Moray Bee keepers and two gentlemen guests to the meeting on Wednesday April 16th.
Donna gave a very informative talk about the life and times of a Honey Bee.
After learning about the different roles for the Queen, workers and drones I think everyone felt that the Bees life is not one to be envied but they do produce some beautiful honey!
The competition winners were:
A recipe using honey - 1st Sheena Mitchell, 2nd Nancy Keir
A jar full of 'Bs' - 1st Isabel Mellis, 2nd Mabel Donald

The next meeting on 21st May is a Sugar Craft Demonstration to which all are welcome
Sue Leach

January 2014 Report

January got off to an interesting start with a talk from the Aberlour Fire Fighters, we are all now much more aware of what they do and what we should all be doing
Sue Leach

November 2013 Report

Edinvillie SWRI held their November meeting on 20.11.2013, the visiting speaker was Sybil Stuart who along with all her many other roles including Federation Chairperson for Moray and Nairn makes bead jewellery.
Most members participated and went home with bracelets in a rainbow of colours.
The meeting was made even more enjoyable by the addition of another new member and several visitors.

The next meeting on 18.12.2013 will be the Christmas Feast at the Aberlour Hotel.

May 2013 Report

Vice President Sheila Willox welcomed members and guests to the Business Meeting.
She paid tribute to our President, Edith Nicol who had died the previous week.

Cheques of £275, the proceeds of the Scots Night held in March, were presented to Sandra Anderson, The Oaks Palliative Care Centre, and to Hugh Lawton, Diabetes UK.

Hugh Lawton then gave an interesting and very informative talk on diabetes.

Competition Results:

4 Oatcakes
1st equal Margaret Campbell, Beatrice Reid

Household Tip
1st Mabel Donald
2nd Margaret Campbell

Annual reports by Secretary Mary McHardy and Treasurer Fiona McInnes were read and approved.

Presentation of trophies:

Shearer Trophy:
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Isobel Mellis
Ethel Nicoll Cup: Mabel Donald

Office Bearers 2013-2014
President: Mabel Donald
Vice-president: Judith Anderson
Secretary: Mary McHardy
Treasurer: Ina Whyte

Vice-president Sheila Willox thanked the retiring committee and the tea hostesses and wished everyone a safe journey home .

April 2013 Report

President Edith Nicol welcomed members and visitors from Botriphnie and Longmorn Institutes to the April meeting.
Guest Speaker, Chris Sugden, gave a fascinating talk on East Greenland. He, his wife, and two friends had gone to this beautiful isolated area in 2011 and he illustrated his talk with photographs and short videos showing life in the village where they stayed and a dog sled trip they made into the interior.

The vote of thanks was given by Pat Shanks. After tea, and a well laden sales table, Audrey Procter thanked Edinvillie on behalf of the visitors.

Competition results:

Photograph of winter scene:
1st - Jessie Edwards
2nd - Mabel Donald

4 pieces of tablet:
1st - Mary McHardy
2nd - Margaret Campbell

President Edith Nicol thanked the tea hostesses and wished everyone a safe journey home.

March 2013 Report

President Edith Nicol welcomed a large audience to Edinvillie Hall for the annual "Scots Night".

She paid tribute to Miss Elsie Forsyth, a founder member of Edinvillie WRI, who died in January, aged 97.

She then introduced Gary Coull and his friends who had the audience in fits of laughter with Doric poems and hilarious renditions of "Scotland the What" sketches. Polly and her fiddle delighted everyone with musical interludes.

A delicious Scottish tea was provided by members of the committee.

The proceeds of the evening will be donated to The Oaks Palliative Care Centre in Elgin and to Diabetes Scotland.

February 2013 Report

President Edith Nicol welcomed everyone to the February Meeting which was a “Members’ Night”.

The Craft Club, which meets in Edinvillie Hall on Tuesday afternoons, provided a large display of the varied work which they produce.  The
Members were only too happy to answer any questions about the articles.

Judy Anderson demonstrated how to make little boxes using old cards and actively encouraged members to have a go.   She also showed examples of “iris folding” and “spirelli” cards.

After tea Nancy Keir read out a humorous poem “Big Bossy Bingo Belle” which caused much hilarity.

Competition results: 

4 Perkins:
1st    Beatrice Reid
2nd   Valerie Thayne

Valentine Verse
1st    Margaret Campbell
2nd   Sheena Mitchell

President Edith  closed the meeting, thanking the tea hostesses and wishing everyone a safe journey home.


January 2013 Report

 President Edith Nicol welcomed members to the first meeting of 2013.   She introduced Maureen and David Anderson who gave a most interesting talk on Fairtrade, describing how it helped combat poverty in many countries. They also provided a sales table of Fairtrade goods.
Members then took part in “Kim’s Game”, set up by Maureen using Fairtrade articles.  This was won by Mabel Donald.
The vote of thanks was given by Fiona McInnes

Competition results:

   Oven scones:
   1st Margaret Campbell
   2nd Beatrice Reid

   Favourite pen:
   1st Isobel Mellis         
   2nd  Valerie Thayne

President Edith Nicol thanked the tea hostesses and wished everyone a safe journey home.

December 2012 Report

On 3rd December 2012, members attended the CLIC Sargent Carol Concert in Elgin Town Hall.   The concert which raises funds for children and young people with cancer, was superb and members happily joined in the community singing.
Following the concert an excellent High Tea was enjoyed at the Laich Moray Hotel.

November 2012 Report

President Edith Nicol welcomed members and thanked everyone who had helped at the Coffee Morning on October 27th and the Craft Day on November 3rd.

The speaker for the evening was Sue Leach who gave a fascinating talk on how her talented family had influenced her interest in art and crafts, handing round articles in pottery, leatherwork. painting as well as sewn work. She then showed us examples of the hand-made gifts she sells under the label "Baliries of Banffshire" and told us how each of the projects had evolved.
The vote of thanks wasgiven by President Edith Nicol.

Competition Results

Tea Cosy
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Fiona McInnes

Cup and Saucer
1st Valerie Thayne
2nd Beatrice Reid

Angela West was presented with the Ethel Nicoll Trophy which she had shared with Edith Nicol.

President Edith Nicol then wished everyone a safe journey home.

Craft Session

Edinvillie hosted a Craft Session in Edinvillie Hall on 3rd November.
It was attended by 48 members from Banffshire Federation

October 2012 Report

President Edith Nicol members welcomed members and visitors from Knockando and Arradoul Institutes. She introduced guest speaker, Robbie Keir who gave an interesting and informative slideshow entitled “Norwegian Fiords”. He also showed a series of local photographs which brought back many memories.
The vote of thanks was given by Sheila Willox.

Competition Results:
Victoria Sponge
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Isobel Mellis

Garden Flower
1st Edith Nicol
2nd Margaret Campbell

Edith reminded members of the Cofee Morning to be held on 27th October She then wished everyone a safe journey home.

September 2012 Report

Edinvillie WRI first meeting of the new session took place in Edinvillie Hall at 7.30pm, Wednesday 19th September.
President, Mrs Edith Nicol, welcomed members and Linda and Jennifer Bracken, our speakers for the evening on Health & Beauty.

Competition Results

Jar of Jam (any flavour)
1st Mrs Mary Duncan
2nd Mrs Julie Geddes

Folded Napkin
1st Mrs Margaret Campbell
2nd Mrs Jessie Brandee

June Outing Report

On Saturday 23rd June 14 members of the "rural" set out on their Summer Outing.
It was a wet morning, but this did not dampen the "rural wifies" spirits. The first leg of their journey took them to Dufftown to catch the train to Keith. The railway staff were extremely helpful and pleasant.

After a leisurely journey to Keith, they left the train and made their way to the Ugie Hotel for lunch, the lunch was really enjoyable and retail therapy was next on the agenda.
They took Mid Street by storm,however there was a bit of consternation when one of the senior members picked up a pregnancy testing kit.

When they arrived back at the station after discovering all the treats Keith had to offer, the gentleman in the ticket office asked where they all came from and they replied Craigellachie, Aberlour and Edinvillie he thought they were very brave to come without an armed guard - this was obviously said tongue in cheek.

The return journey was wonderful. They saw five deer on separate occasions and two donkeys with their foals. All agreed that they all had had
"a grand day oot"

May 2012 Report

May meeting Edinville SWRI held their AGM on 16t May.
Cheques of £250 were handed over to two charities - Edinvillie Community Hall Council and Alzheimers Scotland, Moray branch by Mrs Margaret Campbell & Mrs Edith Nicol to Andrea for Edinvillie & Jennifer for Alzheimers.
Reports of the year were read by the Secreatry Mrs Edith Nicol, Treasurer Mrs Fiona McInnes & Vice-President Mrs Margaret Campbell read the Presidents' Report in Andrina's abscence.

Most Points For The Year:-

1st Mrs Margaret Campbell
2nd Mrs Valerie Thayne

Most Points Without a Prize:-

Joint Winners Mrs Edith Nicol
and Mrs Angela West

January 2012 Report

January meeting President Andrina Taylor welcomed members and guest speaker Anne Halliday to the first meeting of 2012.
After going through the fire drill with everyone Andrina introduced Anne who gave a comprehensive talk on self hypnosis.
Members were invited to participate, a very quiet meeting! Anne helped some members with problems and at least one member has reported success with her problem.
Vote of thanks was given by Andrina.

Competition Results
Natural Remedy
1st Ina Whyte
2nd Andrina Taylor

Four Petticoat Tails
1st Sheena Mitchell
2nd Margaret Campbell

November 2011 Report

President Andrina Taylor welcomed members and guest speaker Kirsty Conti of REAP.
It was with regret to hear of the death of Honorary member Mrs Edith Garrow, a most loyal member for over 50 years. Participating in concerts, plays, singing, outings and competitions. Never missed a meeting until this last year, but enjoyed the Institute’s 80th Birthday celebrations in May 2011. Although she never held office she was always a willing and generous member of our Institute. Edith will be greatly missed by all.

Kirsty gave an interesting and informative talk on energy saving, home insulation and hints on how to get best value for oil, electricity etc. Members participated in a quiz by Kirsty with lots of laughter.

Competition Results

Individual Salmon Mousse
1st Beatrice Reid
2nd Margaret Campbell

Childs hat to be donated to Queen Mother's Clothing Guild
1st Margaret Campbell
2nd Valerie Thayne

Andrina thanked the Tea Hostesses and wished everyone a Happy Christmas and a safe journey home

Christmas Outing Sunday 4th December Clic Sargent Carol Concert, Elgin followed by High Tea

October 2011 Report

Vice-president Margaret Campbell welcomed memebers and visitors from Tomintoul.
She then introduced Alan Butterfield who gave an excellent slide show on his holiday to the Taj Mahal, India and The Old Silk Road to Uzbekistan.

Competition Results

Photo of a Scottish Scene
1st Jessie Brandie
2nd Nancy Keir

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam
1st Sheena Mitchell
2nd Mary Duncan

The visitors were then thanked for coming and Fiona McInnes gave the vote of thanks.

Business was then conducted, tea hostesses were thanked and everyone was wished a safe journey home.

September 2011 Report

President Andrina Taylor welcomed everyone to the first meeting after the summer break.
Andrina introduced the Guest Speaker, Jennifer Reece, who demonstrated decorating cup cakes. The variety was vast, with messages on as well as elephants, footballers and caterpillars. There were cakes to suit all occasions including weddings and new babies. Each member received a cupcaketo take home.
The vote of thanks was given by Vice-President Margaret Campbell.

Competition Results

Speyside Whisky Truffles
1st Valerie Thayne
2nd Sheena Mitchell

Invitation to Aberlour Bi-centenary Celebrations
1st Andrina Taylor
2nd Valerie Thayne

After thanking the Tea Hostesses, Andrina wished everyone a safe journey home

April 2011 Report

President Valerie Thayne welcomed members and Guest Speaker Helen Fitch of Urqhart WRI to the April meeting.
Helen, very ably assisted by Sheila McGregor, gave a presentation on Fruit Cordials and liqueurs that had been made from fruits from her garden, hedgerows and bargain buys from the shops. Samples were tasted with much enjoyment and hilarity.
Vote of thanks was given by Vice President Margaret Campbell who said this was one time she was pleased she did not drive!

Competition results

Fruit Cordial
1st Pat Shanks
2nd Roni McGrath

Energy Saving Idea
1st Jess Brandie
2nd Valerie Thayne

Arrangements were finalised for the delayed 80th Birthday Party and theatre trip to see Fiddler on the Roof.
Voting papers were distributed for next month's Business meeting.
Information for the Summer outing was given.
The President reminded members of May's competition.
She then thanked Julia Geddes and the Tea Hostesses for a welcome cuppa and wished everyone a safe journey home.

March 2011 Report

President Valerie Thayne welcomed everyone to Edinvillie's Annual Fund raising event. Entertainment was by the Forres Accordion and Fiddle Club Players with guest performer Jim Bartlett.

Scottish Tea was provided by the Ladies of the Committee.
The Charities benefitting from the evening are Rocking Horse Playgroup Aberlour and Help for Heroes. Each Charity to receive £250 at the May Business meeting.
Vote of Thanks was given by the President.

February 2011 Report

President Valerie Thayne welcomed members and guest speaker Robbie Keir to the February meeting.
Robbie presented a slide show of pictures from a holiday in Australia.
He said the most enduring memory of Australia was a sunset at Ayres Rock.

Vote of thanks was given by Mrs A.Taylor.
Menus were distributed for the postponed 80th Birthday Party now scheduled for Wednesday 4th May.

The Bowling Team is to participate in the competition at Portsoy and were wished the best of luck.

Competition Results

Folded Napkin
1st Mrs E Fraser
2nd Mrs J Geddes

Holiday photo
1st Mrs V Thayne
2nd Mrs J Brandie

Members were reminded of the Annual Scots Night to be held on Wednesday 17th March at the hall at 7-30pm. Entertainment by The Forres Accordion and Fiddle Club.
After thanking Mrs J Geddes and the Tea Hostesses the President wished everyone a safe journey home.

January 2011 Report

President Valerie Thayne welcomed members and guest speaker Lesly Boyd of Gemadale Design of Carron to the first meeting of 2011. After the business had been conducted Lesley gave a very interesting talk and demonstration on silk painting, pointing out the pitfalls and advantages of this craft.

Competition winners:

Premature Baby Hat
1st Mrs M.MacHardy
2nd Mrs B Reid

Individual Savoury Dish
1st Mrs M Campbell.

Due to very inclement weather in December it was decided to postpone the Rural 80th birthday party. It was agreed to hold this event in April, when, hopefully snow will not be around!
Valerie thanked Julia and hostesses for a welcome cuppa and pice and wished everyone a safe journey home.

November 2010 Report

President Valerie Thayne welcomed members and guest speaker Elaine Lindsay of "Something Corny" of Inverurie. Elaine gave an interesting talk on Corn Dollies and straw work items. She became involved about 25 years ago through her sister -in- law who was very crafty and did not want to be outdone by her.
She now travels to the USA and other countries to hold workshops on the art of straw work.
She has had many commissions for The London Fashion Week and several top class magazines. The origins of corn dollies (which are not dollies) dates back many years.
She had many examples of her work including cards made from straw that had been split and flattened, they looked like metallic paper. Some items can take many hours of work.
Vote of thanks was given by Andrina Taylor.
After tea and raffles Valerie thanked Julia Geddes and the Tea hostesses for a welcome cuppa and piece and wished everyone a safe journey home.

October 2010 Report

President Valerie Thayne welcomed members and guests from Knockando and Clochan Rurals.
Talk by Eleanor Mackenzie on the Cairngorm National Park, the largest National Park in the UK.
Vote of thanks was given by Valerie who recommended that everyone should go on the Funicular Railway to the Ptarmigan Restuarant and shops, preferably on a clear day. Views across to the Black Isle and surrounding countryside were well worth the trip.
The Coffee Morning held on 9th October was a great success and all were thanked for their help and support.
Next event is the Edinvillie Autumn Fair 7th November with the Rural manning or should it be womanning the Cake and Candy Stall. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.
Menus for 80th Birthday Party were distributed.