Speyside Car Sharing Scheme
Edinvillie Hall
Information courtesy of Glenlivet.org

There is a car sharing scheme in operation in Speyside which few people seem to know about it,
so we thought we would bring it to your attention. You are covered by the scheme if:

  • You are a non-driver
  • You do not have access to transport
  • You are unable to drive due to illness or medication
  • The person who normally drives your car is not able to drive you
  • You live in or near any of the following areas then you are covered by the scheme:

  • Ballindalloch, Glenlivet, Glenrinnes, Dufftown, Tomintoul, Aberlour, Rothes, rural Aberlour (Carron, Archiestown, Edinville etc)

    They can help you with all sorts of journeys that either, in the long term or short term, you are unable to make due to a variety of reasons.
    There are no restrictions on the purpose of the journey: health centre visit, hospital appointment or visiting, shopping, visiting friends etc.
    They do not do journeys for commercial/business purposes.

    Their drivers are known for their helpfulness and courtesy. If you have difficulty in walking or are visually impaired they will,
    if necessary, escort you to where you need to be such as an Out Patient Clinic in Aberdeen Hospital which can be a long way from the entrance.

    At the end of the journey you will be required to pay the driver the cost of your mileage (just when you are in the car).
    This is 20p per mile. If you have the same driver for a return journey you just pay at the end, the driver will work it out for you.
    The driver will be paid the other 20p per mile by the scheme.

    If you have any queries give their friendly volunteer telephonists a ring.

    If you require transportation, please ring 01807 580293 between 9 am and 5 pm at least 48 hours before you need a car.

    They also require drivers and their cars for long and short journeys. Generous mileage allowance.
    If you feel you could help them as a telephonist, committee member or fund-raiser, please contact them.
    Donations always welcome!; Without you they can´t operate. You´re the vital ingredient!
    Administration telephone number for the scheme is 01340 820808

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