Minutes of Meeting 12th November 2009
Andrea Fuller, Pat Shanks, Davina Brown, Margaret Grant, Ina Whyte,
Beattie Mitchell, John Dunbar, Helen Murphy, Ian Wright,
Leslie Murphy, Leanne Murphy, Georgina Legg, Lynne Murphy, Paula Roberts, Michael McConachie.

Jenny Allan, Theresa Probee

Approval of Previous Minutes: 
Proposed:  Davina Brown
Seconded:  John Dunbar

Treasurer’s Report: 
No report was submitted as not all information has been gathered.

Matters arising from Previous Minutes:
1.    Gift Aid: Gift aid can be claimed, needs agreement from those who donated, also Bob Fuller looking into business tax claim.
2.    Kitchen Floor: Insurance company need more details about age of floor and need to get claim in soon. Still ongoing matter.
3.    Macallan’s whisky: This matter is still outstanding. Jenny Allan to pursue.
4.    Marjorie Walker donation: A sub-committee comprising Jenny Allan, Leanne Murphy, Paula Roberts and Margaret Grant was established and would report back at the next meeting as to how best to present these, entertainment etc. Paula Robert's son has agreed to play, but dates clashed with x-mas party. Committee decided it best to be an event in its own right and pushing the date forward into the new year. Coins to be ordered now, Georgina Legg joining sub committee.
5.    Further Events for 2009:
a)    Craft Fair: Putting advert in paper agreed by all. Volunteers needed for decorating on Friday 20th 7pm, open to anyone who could help. Also Davina Brown,Andrea Fuller agreed to help on craft fair Sunday 22nd.
b)    New Year's Eve: committee agreed to canvas opinion first to whether opening the doors would be a good idea, John Dunbar creating flyer and all members will hand these out in and around their area.

1.    Andrea Fuller mentioned that the Constitution requires updating (current version 1990) but will need OSCR approval. A discussion ensued as to what constituted Edinvillie area – Andrea Fuller reported that she had asked Moray Council, she got a map of what area was, and committee agreed boundaries (more or less the same).
2.    100 Club: We have to have a promoter by law Margaret Grant proposed no objections. Legally no under 16yrs so anyone who is to be put in parents trust. Also info to go on website. Quarter report to go to council January.
3.    Hall: Beattie checking out info for hall hire conditions, also any letters going out must have hall details as we are a registered charity.

Christmas party:

Committee agreed to spend per head. Need to check position re pre-booked entertainer (magician) and check if Jean Stewart will play keyboards.

Community Update:

1.    Speyside Forum.
Andrea advised the committee that in order to understand the role of the Speyside Forum (which is an Area Forum) it was important that the committee understood a bit about the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) and how the Forum fitted into it. She explained to the committee that she had invited Cllr M McConnachie to the meeting in order that he could provide support and clarification where appropriate. Andrea advised that the CPP had its own website www.yourmoray.org.uk but gave a brief summary of the information contained on it and the CPP hierarchy.
Andrea referred the committee to the budget consultation and advised that whilst every resident of Moray was able to submit their own personal views Moray Council recognised the importance of community groups including the Area Forums and as a result had been in contact with all of them, including Speyside, requesting a special meeting be held regarding budget proposals at which senior council officials would be in attendance.
She also informed the meeting that the Speyside Forum was taking the lead role in trying to arrange a Midnight Football League for the benefit of youngsters in the Speyside Area and that funding was being sought from various local businesses. It was, however, agreed that ECHC would not on this occasion provide any financial assistance for this activity.
Cllr McConnachie also provided input regarding the CPP and the budget proposals.

2.    MFCHA :
Beattie advised the committee that the AGM was coming up shortly and that she receives minutes of their meetings. She agreed to try and obtain a specimen job descriptions from the MFCHA, particularly in relation to the role of Hall Keeper. We need to advise the MFCHA of the change of Office Bearers and Andrea agreed to do this. Bob Fuller will contact MFCHA and enquire as to the possibility of adding ECHC as a venue for hire onto their website.
3.    Drama Club:
Ian Wright advised he was to be the official representative of the Drama Club on ECHC. He also advised that the Drama Club had agreed all profits made from the performances to be carried out in February/March 2010 would go to the ECHC – the committee therefore agreed that hall lettings to the Drama Club would not be charged for.
4.    Agricultural Club:
Beattie Mitchell informed the committee that the Agricultural Club was now more proactive and that she hoped to be able to provide Bob Fuller with some up to date contact details so the website could be amended.
5.    Badminton Club:
Davina Brown, Ian Wright, Leslie Murphy have agreed to get this up and running again, there is a funding available so Davina Brown will get cracking on this. Also have some funds in bank to get started if funding is an issue. This is on-going matter.
6.    SWRI/Craft Club:
Ina Whyte advised that all the latest information regarding these organisations/clubs can be found on the website as she provides regular updates to Bob Fuller.
It was agreed that “Community Update” would become a standard agenda item for future meetings.
Bob Fuller has done a cracking job on all to do with website and thanks should be passed on.
Committee agreed to put minutes on website for everyone to access, also a questionnaire to be done to get feedback from community.
Also reports from each community to go onto site too. SWRI/Craft club only one so far. Also 8,600 hits on site from all different parts of the world.
Community Questionnaire:
The committee discussed whether a questionnaire would be a good way of gaining feedback from the community/ could attach it to the website.
Future Events:
The committee has agreed to think of ways for fund raising – to be discussed at the next meeting, also event ideas for 2010.
Also village shop discussed for website to raise funds, and John Dunbar suggested anyone selling something to put advert on website and hall takes 5% commission to also raise funds.
Date and time of next meeting:

Thursday 14th January 2010@ 7.30 p.m.   Edinvillie Hall