Minutes of a meeting 8th March 2010



1.   Present:    Andrea Fuller, Pat Shanks, Margaret Grant, Leslie Murphy

                       Helen Murphy, Leanne Murphy, Lynne Murphy, Ina Whyte

                       John Dunbar, Beattie Mitchell, Sheila Willox, Paula Roberts


2.   Apologies:  Theresa Probee, Davina Brown, Colin Murphy


3.   Approval of Minutes:        Approved:  Ina Whyte                                                                         

                                                           Seconded:  Margaret Grant


4.                  Matters Arising:

·        Gift Aid:   Margaret & Theresa to meet on 13th March

·        Kitchen Floor:   Andrea hasn’t as yet forwarded quotes; will do so this week

·        Whisky:  Still outstanding 

·        Aileen Garrow letter:  Actioned


5.                  Treasurer’s Report


              Main Account:  £ 2,932.25 but hall insurance of £483.42 still to pay

              100 Club:          £471.60 balance

              Petty Cash:      £   45.02


6.                  Presentation of coins:


Band are unable to perform.  There are currently 27 primary and 23 secondary pupils in Edinvillie catchment area.

Agreed to hold an event for primary children on a Sunday afternoon between mid April and end May.  Format would be same as children’s Christmas party.

Andrea to check which dates are convenient for Marjorie Walker and then establish if Sheila and Jean are available and liaise with Hall Keeper.

Secondary school children  - Was felt that it may be difficult to get all secondary children together therefore was suggested that we ask Mr Tierney, Speyside High Head Teacher, if we could make the presentation within school.  Would need to do this no later than mid-May and not during exam time to maximise number of pupils being able to be present.  Andrea to contact Mr Tierney.


Pat produced a draft from the printers and suggested this be printed on a white envelope and coins could then be placed inside the envelope.  All agreed; Pat to check price and email the committee. 


7.                  Coffee and Butteries morning


Sheila and Ina have sold over 81 tickets so far.  It was agreed to order the butteries from Asda as they offered the most competitive price (£16.80 per 10 dozen).  Agreed to order 12 dozen which Sheila will collect on Friday 12th.



Margaret -  napkins (150 max), butter

Sheila     -   marmalade, sugar, milk, tea, coffee, paper cups

Pat         -    jam, milk

Ina          -   jam & to supply tombola tickets

Ian          -   shortbread


Margaret to arrange float for the door, tombola, hamper raffle and cake & candy stall.


Sheila to contact P & J.  Andrea to contact Northern Scot.  Reference to include fact that coffee morning is in aid of hall funds.


Hall will be available on Friday 12th between 2 – 4 p.m. for donations:  Pat and Sheila to organise. 


Saturday arrangements:

Tombola Stall:   Children supervised by Andrea

Cake & Candy:   Ina

Door:                  Margaret

Kitchen:              Helen, Sheila

Servers:              Pat, Lynne, Leanne, Paula


8.                  Egg Extravaganza


This will take place on Saturday 3rd April 2 – 4 p.m.


Painted Egg competition:

Categories:    0 – 3 years

                       3 – 5 years

                       6 -  8 years

                       8 years and over

Winning prize (Easter Egg)  per category

Pat to ask Chris Burns if he will judge the competition


Treasure Hunt

Andrea and Margaret to sort out route and clues etc.


Teas will be available.  The event won’t be subject to a charge but we would ask that people make a donation (donation bucket to be made available).


9.                  Whist Drives


Rota to be arranged at the next meeting.  Margaret to check with Theresa as to production of tickets.


10.             Quiz Night 


This has been arranged for Saturday 24th April.  Andrea to check with Ian regarding timings, costs, number per team etc.


11.             Community Update:  


·                    Speyside Forum:   Nothing to report as February meeting was cancelled due to weather conditions

·                    MFCHA:   Beattie reported that at the last meeting one hall representative had requested that future meetings be more specific to the issues affecting halls rather than presentations on general topics as they were not of direct relevance to members of the MFCHA.

·                    Agricultural Club:  Beattie had been unable to attend their last meeting.  Margaret advised that the AGM would now be in November but agreed to forward some information for inclusion on the website.

·                    Badminton Club:  After much discussion, it was agreed that Paula would purchase 2 tubes of shuttle cocks and the hall would open on Thursday 1st April at 7.30 p.m. for a “general knock around”.  Posters to be produced which will include Ian Wright as point of contact.  The net needs replacing but is serviceable.

·                    SWRI:   Ina to forward information to Bob so he can update the website.

·                    Craft Club:  Nothing to report.



12.             Summer Events


It was agreed we would have another Village Ben Walk.   This has been arranged for Sunday, 4th July.  A BBQ (or similar) will follow at the hall as people had enjoyed being able to share their walking experiences afterwards!    

13.             AOCB


·                    SWRI  meetings.  The hall has not been warm enough for the last few meetings held by the SWRI.  It was agreed that the heating system would need to go on earlier and as the Hall Keeper could not put it on before 6 p.m. that this responsibility would be shared between Andrea and ECHC committee members who are on the SWRI (Pat, Ina, Margaret, Sheila).


·                    Chair. Andrea Fuller advised the committee that Moray Council were not prepared to renew her contract of employment whilst she remained chair of Edinvillie as they considered that her role within Edinvillie constituted a conflict of interest with the position she held in Moray Council.  Andrea advised that she was happy to remain as Chair provided the committee were happy for her to do so.  A discussion took place amongst the rest of the committee members and they agreed unanimously that they wished Andrea to remain as Chair.  They also decided to send a letter to Alastair Keddie, Chief Executive of Moray Council, expressing their concern regarding the stance being taken by Moray Council towards Andrea.  Pat advised that she had already spoken to Councillor McConachie and that he had agreed to make enquiries into this matter.


DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING:   Monday 12th April 2010  7.30 p.m.