Minutes of Meeting 28th October
Andrea Fuller, Pat Shanks, Davina Brown, Margaret Grant, Ina Whyte,

Beattie Mitchell, John Dunbar, Dorothy Dunbar, Theresa Probee, Ian Wright,

Anne Withington, Leslie Murphy, Leanne Murphy, Jenny Allan, Colin Murphy, Lynne Murphy, Paula Roberts, Sheila Willox

Committee Resignations:   
The meeting commenced with Dorothy Dunbar and Anne Withington tendering their resignations.  Andrea Fuller thanked them for the hard work and commitment that they have shown to the committee over many years. Both then left the hall.

Theresa Probee and Ian Wright then left the meeting as they both had prior engagements that evening.

Approval of Previous Minutes: 
Proposed:  Pat Shanks
Seconded:  SheilaWillox

Treasurer’s Report: 
No report was submitted as this had been covered at the AGM that took place immediately prior to this meeting.

Matters arising from Previous Minutes:
1.      Gift Aid:  This matter is still outstanding.  Margaret Grant agreed to look into this with support from Bob Fuller and Mike Shanks.
2.       Kitchen Floor:  Ian Wright had previously advised this matter was still outstanding but he would chase potential contractors.
3.      Whisky to Raymond Strathdee:  Need to check with Ian Wright if this was actioned.
4.      Macallan’s whisky:  This matter is still outstanding.  Jenny Allan to pursue.
5.      M & S Vouchers:  Margaret Grant reported back that the 4 ladies who had assisted with the flowers were very grateful for the vouchers.
6.      Marjorie Walker’s donation:  Margaret Grant read out list of children in area.
Cost of coins are £9.99 and will be placed in 50th Celebration presentation folder.  It was agreed to purchase them for the children – others could be purchased as a keepsake by members of the community if required.  John Dunbar reminded the committee that Marjorie Walker would like to be involved with the presentation of the coins to the children.  A sub-committee comprising Jenny Allan, Leanne Murphy, Paula Roberts and Margaret Grant was established and would report back at the next meeting as to how best to present these, entertainment etc together with proposed dates.
7.      Further Events for 2009:
a)  Musical Extravaganza to be deleted from website.  Possibly revisit in 2010
b)  Fashion Show:  Margaret Grant reported back limited interest from retailers.
c)  Leslie Murphy suggested we open the hall doors on New Years Eve.  This had been successful in previous years but hadn’t been done for sometime. 
Format would be:  doors open 10.00 p.m., BYOB, food and music.  Everybody agreed this was a good idea and John agreed to produce flyers for the next meeting that could be put through people’s doors nearer the time.  Sheila Willox reminded the committee that in the past committee members were responsible for specified “walks/areas” and if we re-introduced this then we would engage with the community again and John Dunbar’s flyers could be distributed by this method.  All agreed this was a good idea.
8.      Hall Keeper:  The committee appointed Helen Murphy as the new Hall Keeper.  Remuneration package is £600.00 p.a.  Leslie and Helen Murphy to liaise with Theresa Probee regarding “handover”.

Craft Fayre:
This will take place on Sunday 22nd November.  Soup/sandwiches to be provided as follows:
Soup:    Sheila Willox, Pat Shanks, Lynne Murphy, Margaret Grant, Paula Roberts
Sandwiches:  Andrea Fuller, Jenny Allan, Judy Anderson (Pat Shanks to check with her) and possibly one other. 
Ina Whyte requested that any tombola prizes be handed to her.
Valerie Thayne has asked for the hall Christmas decorations to be put up before the event.  Hanging of decorations likely to be done on Friday 20th November – volunteers required.  To be agreed at next committee meeting.

Christmas party:

This will take place on Sunday 20th December.  Theresa Probee has booked the entertainer and will confirm details in due course.   Need to consider purchase of presents and Father Christmas – to be actioned at next meeting.

Any Other Committee Business:
Andrea Fuller mentioned that the Constitution requires updating (current version 1990) but will need OSCR approval.  A discussion ensued as to what constituted Edinvillie area – Andrea Fuller reported that she had asked Moray Council to look into this for us and they will report back in due course, enabling further discussion on this to take place within the committee.
Hall Bookings will continue to be made via the Hall Keeper.

Date and time of next meeting:
12th November 2009  7.30 p.m.  Edinvillie Hall