Minutes of the meeting held 28th January 2010

Andrea Fuller, Pat Shanks, Margaret Grant, Sheila Willox, Ina Whyte, Ian Wright, Theresa Probee, Beattie Mitchell, Colin Murphy, Lynne Murphy, Helen Murphy, Leanne Murphy

Davina Brown, Jenny Allan, John Dunbar, Paula Roberts, Leslie Murphy

Approval of Previous Minutes: 
Proposed:  Pat Shanks
Seconded:  Margaret Grant

Matters arising from Previous Minutes:
1.       Gift Aid:  Theresa and Margaret agreed to a) review the accounts in respect of donations made to enable us to claim Gift Aid and b) prepare set of accounts for OSCR.
2.       Kitchen Floor:  Ian produced 2 quotes to re-floor the kitchen. The committee agreed they were both comparable and Andrea agreed to submit them to Sandy Henderson.
3.      Whisky to Raymond Strathdee:  Need to check with Ian Wright if this was actioned.
4.      Macallan whisky:  No update from Jenny therefore carried forward to next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
100 Club balance:  £541.33
Petty cash              £45.02
Main a/c                £4,228.92 (+ £500 transfer in from 100 Club, payments to be deducted of £397.44 re champagne for 50th Dinner Dance, £699.30 for presentation coins, £150.00 Hall Keeper remuneration and £588.00 for oil leaving balance of £2,894.18)

Marjorie Walker Presentation:
Coins have arrived. All agreed they were very nice and additional presentation folder not required, as a commemorative label with logo would suffice – Pat to action. Agreed 17th April as possible presentation date, subject to availability of Marjorie Walker and entertainment. Timing: mid-late afternoon for the younger children and evening for older ones thereby allowing presentation to be made at end of younger one’s event and start of older children’s. Jenny & Paula to check with band and Marjorie.

Craft Fair:
£388.00 profit made less expenses of £8.00. All agreed it was a very successful event, thanks went to Valerie Thayne for organising. This year’s event will take place on 21st November.

Children's Party:
Minutes to record the excellent job Sheila Willox did entertaining the children. Thanks also went to Jean Stewart, Linda Mitchell, Donna Mitchell and of course Santa for their help in organising/running the party. An entertainer had been booked but he failed to turn up for the party. Andrea advised that she had eventually managed to contact him and had requested the return of the £20.00 deposit; this has not yet been received. The committee agreed that we would provide our own entertainment for the children this year as the format worked extremely well in 2009. It was agreed that children would be invited to the 2010 party with a request that their parents confirm attendance of their child/children. The committee also agreed that presents would only be provided to children who came to the party. Consideration would be given to asking local business to donate towards the costs of the presents (this year’s cost £ 149.17). Sean Cattanach has indicated his willingness to order the gifts on the committee’s behalf. The committee will also review the date of the party to ensure it doesn’t clash with other local events as this had prevented a number of children from attending this year. Andrea to issue letter of thanks to Aileen Garrow.

Community Engagement:
Pat gave a résumé of the Transportations Requirements for Small Developments in Rural Parts of Moray consultation document. All agreed the contents made sense and Pat agreed to complete and return the questionnaire to Moray Council. Andrea advised that as part of the community engagement process it was likely that ECHC would become more involved with such consultations.
Pat also provided some background regarding the current constitution: The present constitution came from the Scottish Council of Social Services Model Constitution in 1990 and ECHC later registered as a charity. OSCR rules are becoming much tighter and they are in the process of sending out guidelines and model constitutions to charities to ensure that they comply fully with the charitable status awarded to them. Our trustees were originally chosen so that their successors could continue in office without OSCR approval – they are not honorary positions and can be changed at any time. They also have a responsibility for the fabric of the hall building as this falls under their control. Pat will review documents held on our behalf by Aberlour Primary School and report back. The committee were advised that Cllr McConnachie had written to them; the contents of his letter and the subsequent discussion that took place at the committee meeting are to be treated in confidence by committee members.

Community Update:
1. Speyside Forum: No Forum meetings (apart from an extraordinary meeting to discuss the proposed Moray Council budget) have taken place. Next meeting is scheduled for 16th February.

2. MFCHA: Beattie was unable to obtain a specimen job description but she will request this at their meeting on 21st February. Andrea advised that the Speyside Forum had been informed that as a result of the Federation lobbying Richard Lochhead MSP at their AGM that the licensing issue for the provision of teas etc had been removed from proposed legislation. Beattie confirmed that a new DIY bar licence for halls etc was being introduced at a cost of £10.00 per event subject to a maximum of 10 events per year

3. Drama Club: Ian advised that 2 members of the cast had dropped out within the last week thus making a performance in March impossible. However, the Drama Club have agreed to commence rehearsals again on the last Monday in October 2010 with a view to performing February/March 2011. All agreed that it was soul destroying for the cast to be let down in this manner but credit was due to the remaining members for wanting to carry on.

4. Agricultural Club: Beattie advised that the AGM had been rescheduled for 3rd February but that she may not be able to attend. Andrea requested that details of the new committee be forwarded to Bob Fuller for inclusion on the website – Margaret agreed to forward relevant information.

5. Badminton Club: Andrea provided an update on behalf of Davina: it had been agreed not to pursue an application for grant funding and sports companies had not been willing to donate equipment. Andrea requested that Ian, Leslie and Davina amend the signatories on the bank account to enable them to purchase a net. Need to liaise with Marjorie Stronach as to when Aberlour play badminton so as not to clash. Ian, Leslie and Davina to action.

6. SWRI: Nothing to report.

7. Craft Club: Ina advised that the Craft Club re-commenced on 26th January.

8. Neighbourhood Watch: Sheila advised that this is being “kick-started” again and that she will liaise as appropriate with Bob Fuller. Information to be included in next newsletter, including benefits of membership etc. Sheila will also place notices in Northern Scot re updates from Police if deemed appropriate.

Web Site:
Andrea reported website is continually being updated and now contains weather information. Bob Fuller has again requested information be provided on a regular basis.

Whist Drives:
Dates agreed: 6 weeks w/c 23rd April and 10th.

Future Events:
13th March Coffee and Buttery morning 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. Will sell tickets for £1.50 Donations required for Tombola and the Raffle (a Hamper)

20th March Quiz Ian to arrange (Ian also to check if Anne Withington would be interested in running a quiz later in the year – otherwise Ian will do)

3rd April Edinvillie Easter Egg Extravaganza Time to be confirmed. Bring your own painted Easter egg. Roll an egg and also a treasure hunt. Tea and Hot Cross Buns.

Summer 2010 It’s a Knock-out Date and time to be confirmed

29th October Children’s Halloween Party 4.00 p.m. for younger children/disco in evening for older children

It was felt that it would not be appropriate to hold a New Years Eve Ball due to cost and potential adverse weather conditions.


Any Other Committee Business:
It was agreed to leave the replacement of damaged guttering until the Spring.
Andrea advised that Raymond Strathdee had checked the frost start on the heating system and had lowered the setting.

Date and time of next meeting:
Monday 8th March 2010  7.30 p.m.  Edinvillie Hall