Edinvillie Village Webshop
A guide to joining the Village Webshop

Registered Scottish Charity No: SC 002527

Welcome to the Edinvillie Village Webshop

signing up as a member of the Village Webshop gives you access to all of your favourite top retailer websites all in one place.
Becoming a member of the Village Webshop means that for every purchase you make on any of these websites Edinvillie Community Hall Council receives a donation from the retailer.

The price you pay for your goods on these websites is exactly the same price if you went direct to their website.
By using the Village Webshop you are fundraising for your community
enabling us to put on more events
 provide more support for OUR community.
Please support us by signing up as a member.

Becoming a member is simple, just follow the steps below to start raising funds for us

Step One
simply click on the red navigation button on the left hand menu navigation menu

this will take you to the new Village Webshop
Step Two scroll dow to the membership sign up & click on Click here to signup sign up
Step Three this takes you to a simple membership form you will need to fill it in form
Step Four tick the box to say you agree with the terms & conditions & click submit submit

You are now a member of the
Edinvillie Village Webshop
To start using your membership scroll to the bottom of the Village Webshop page & click on
Member Login

Login using your username & password from your signup form
Use the tabs at the top to browse for your favourite retailers' website
every time you spend you raise funds for Edinvillie Community

login screen

The A - Z listings of the Top Retailers & the contribution they will make to Edinvillie on your purchase

Shop, Enjoy
 raise funds for our community.