AGM 2008/9 - Treasurer's Report

First of all, I would like to extend my thanks to all committee members who have regularly attended the meetings and helped out at all fundraising events throughout the year.

We started the year with a balance of £3,967.76.  We applied for and received the annual grant from the Moray Federation of Halls for £420.  The first fundraising event was the Craft Fare organised by Val Thayne.  This event was well attended and we received positive feedback from stallholders and customers.  Thanks to all committee members who helped out on the day and for providing the soup and sandwiches.  The profit raised at this event was £319.60 up on last year’s profit of £303.10.

The Christmas Party was well attended.  Thanks to everyone who organised the children’s entertainment and to all the committee members for providing food.  Also thanks to Santa for making his annual visit.

As this coming year was the 50th Anniversary of the Hall, it was decided that we would hold several smaller fundraising events throughout the year and have a Marquee Dinner Dance on the Anniversary.  Further funding through various grants was sought and applied for by the secretary; and other committee members would seek further funding for help with the dance.  It was also decided to apply to The Wind Farm Company to refurbish the ladies toilets.  We were awarded £12349.40 from the Windfarm Company, £500.00 from Moray Council, £600.00 from Wm Grant & Sons and £1000 from Moray Council.  It was decided that we could go ahead and get the Ladies Toilets refurbished, the hall painted, new blinds for the hall and the Car park extended.  The total cost for this was £14544.46.  At the end of last year we also had the kitchen upgraded – worktops and water heater – the bill for this was £1370.67.  Other repairs throughout the year – replacing the downpipes outside the hall due to snow damage - £1451.75 – although we received £1012.39 through the insurance company.  Along with minor plumbing repairs, replacing a window pane and buying chippings, the total spent on refurbishment and repairs total £17,877.08.

In March we had our first quiz night.  Many thanks to Ann Withington for being Quizmaster, to Margaret Grant for keeping score and to all committee members who helped with teas.  The second quiz night was held in September.  Thanks to Ian Wright for setting the questions and again, to Margaret Grant for keeping score.  The total profit for these nights was £166.56.

At the end of March we had our first new fundraiser for the 50th Anniversary.  A Race Night was organised, sponsorship of races was sought through locals and businesses and the event was very well attended and enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Andrea Fuller for organising the event and to Sheila Willox for her selling skills.  Also thanks to all who helped out on the night – everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and asked for it to be held again in the future.  The profits on the night raised £940.25 with a donation of £100 which totalled £1040.25.  This was a good start to the fundraising for the 50th Anniversary.

At the end of April and the beginning of September we had our series of Whist nights.  Again these proved to be popular.  Many thanks to all who supplied sandwiches, raffles and helped out on the nights.  The profit raised so far for these events is £556.15.

In June we had 2 events – a Ben Walk with BBQ and Speyside Talent Contest.  Both in aid of funds for the 50th Anniversary.  The first event was the Ben Walk and BBQ.   The day started well for the walkers although some said it was too hot!  The bbq afterwards was well attended – everyone enjoyed burgers, salad and strawberries.  Thanks to all who helped on the day.  Total raised for this event was £75.00.  The second event was the Talent contest.  This proved to be very popular; in fact we didn’t have enough seats in the end.  We had our auditions – just like on TV! – think ours was better!  This was followed by the contest itself a couple of weeks later.  The contest was excellent, thanks to all the contestants who took part, also thanks to our judges on the night – think they were better than Simon & co, and a special thanks to Dorothy Dunbar who organised and got the event up and running.  The total profit for the night was £466.50.

Finally, August – the big event (and I missed it!) we had the Anniversary weekend.  Everything EVENTUALLY ran smoothly on the night (I haven’t heard anything to dispute this).  The marquee was delivered and erected, the tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery etc were delivered and the flowers and decorations were put up – sounds simple when you say it!  I must say a massive thanks to all who helped that week – from the lugging of chairs – thanks to John Dunbar; to the arranging of flowers – thanks to Margaret Grant, Sheila Willox, Pat Shanks, Aileen Garrow and all the ladies who helped; to Dorothy Dunbar and Ann Withington for helping set the tables and to anyone else who helped that week for the run up to Friday night.  This was all funded by the hard work of the committee throughout the year and from various donations from local businesses – pat on the back everyone.  A day’s rest followed this – to recover from hangover – then followed the Memorabilia Day – looking at the pictures of the event – everyone looked great in their 50’s clothes.  This was again a huge success with people stopping to look at all the old photos etc of that era.  We actually made a profit from the total raised throughout the year as income generated was £10941.60 and expenditure was £7367.10 making a profit of £3574.59.  Again, thanks to all who helped throughout the weekend to make it a very special night – received lots of very positive feedback locally and further afield.

One thing I have missed out on the refurbishment side; and I have saved this till last, because it deserves a special mention – a BIG THANKS – to Anne Withington for making the stage curtains.  She did this at her own expenses and all her own hard work.  I don’t know how she did it.  I was one of the people who helped put them up and they weighed a ton!  How did she manage to lift all that material?  Anyway, Anne a very special thank you from all the committee.

Throughout the year we have had numerous hall lets for private parties, cub weekends, charity events, crochet club and rally nights etc and hope that these continue.  Many thanks to all who use the hall on a regular basis and hope that they continue to do so.  Total hall lets is £879.00 – last year it was £686.00.  A big increase in hall lets this year.

Finally, I would like to thank Ian Wright and Dorothy Dunbar for all the help throughout the past year and to all committee members and other volunteers for their help and commitment to aid the continued function of the hall.

This concludes the Treasurer’s Report.

Theresa Probee