1.  Present:     Andrea Fuller, Pat Shanks, Margaret Grant, Helen Murphy, Leanne 

                        Murphy, Ian Wright, Sheila Willox, Beattie Mitchell, Jenny Allan,

                        Georgina Legg


2.      Apologies:  Davina Brown, Colin Murphy, Lynne Murphy, Leslie Murphy,

                          Paula Roberts, Ina Whyte


3.  Approval of previous Minutes:    Approved:  Margaret Grant

                                                              Seconded:  Pat Shanks


4.   Matters arising:   


1.      Gift Aid:  Andrea advised that she had been in discussion with both OSCR and HMRC.  OSCR have agreed that we can submit our annual return based on the audited set of accounts as long as the total income figure for the year end is correct.  HMRC will also accept the accounts providing we have a clear audit trail in place regarding the donations made to us during the last year – this will then enable us to recover the tax via gift aid.  In order to register with HMRC we have to provide a list of the current Trustees.  The committee then debated whether it was time to review the appointment of Trustees and it was decided that it was more appropriate that 3 members of the current committee and 1 external person fulfilled this role.  We do not need OSCR approval for this as the purpose of the charity is not changing therefore it was agreed that we would contact the current Trustees to explain the position to them.  It was agreed that we would ascertain whether Chris Burns wished to remain as trustee.  The Trustees appointed by the committee would be that of the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer and this would form part of their duties when elected at the time of the AGM. 



  1. Kitchen Floor:  Quotes have been forwarded and a response is awaited.



  1. Whisky:   It was agreed to delete this item from further minutes.


5.    Treasurer’s Report:


The coffee & Butteries morning raised £825.70 minus expenses of £56.64 leaving a profit of £769.06.  A huge vote of thanks was given to Sheila for all her hard work in arranging this event. The Easter Egg Extravaganza was a free event for the community and cost £24.57 to put on.  Thanks were also given to Jenny Allan who kindly donated the prizes for the various competitions


Balance of Accounts:    Main a/c   £3,521.12

                                       100 Club  £  371.64

                                       Cash         £    45.05


6.     Presentation of coins


Pre school and Primary school aged children:  Party agreed for Sunday May 16th

2 – 4 p.m.  Sheila & Jean Stewart to provide the entertainment.  It was agreed that as

various members of the committee had purchased coins for their grandchildren that the grandchildren should also be invited to the party.  Invites need to be issued to all the children.   Ice cream, jelly, cakes, juice and sweets to be provided at the party.


Secondary school children:   Andrea had spoken to Mr Tierney, Speyside High Head and he was happy that the presentation takes place within the school.  He suggested w/c 26th April i.e.before exams started as pupils would then be on study leave after that date.  Andrea to check if MarjorieWalker is available during that week and email committee.  Margaret to email Andrea with list of High School children as Mr Tierney kindly offered to check that we had included all children within our catchment area on our list.


It was also agreed that we would ask Marjorie Walker if she wished for her own grandchildren to be issued with a set of coins.


Pat to source envelopes and arrange for printing of logo.


7.      Future Events:


1.      Laurel & Hardy.  Mull Theatre in conjunction with NEAT & Speyside Art Network have booked the hall for Friday 23rd April 7.30 p.m.  Tickets (£8.00/£6.00) are available from Andrea, Still Life Aberlour or on the door.

Posters were issued for distribution.


It was agreed we would provide red, white wine and juice in return for a donation.  Georgina and Andrea would man the door on the evening and Sheila would sell raffle tickets (for the hamper which was kindly donated by Walkers).


  1. Quiz.   Saturday 24th April 7.30 p.m. start. 

Ian requested 3 bottles of white wine and 1 bottle of red wine for prizes.  Raffle prizes are also required and donations are welcome.  Beattie will be responsible for the door and raffle tickets and Margaret will act as scorer.


  1. Whist:


These will commence on 30th April (NOTE change of date) for 6 weeks.

Margaret to liaise with Theresa regarding production of tickets.  Margaret & Beattie will collect the money on the night.

Prizes – 1 bottle of wine and 1 packet of biscuits per week.

Raffle prizes needed for whist evenings.  Shortbread, sandwiches and cakes to be supplied.


ROTA agreed as follows:


30th April   Andrea & Jenny

 7th May      Sheila  & Pat

14th May     Audrey & Beattie – Beattie to advise Audrey

21st May    )

28th May    )   list to be put up in kitchen to enable committee members who

4th June      )   were not present at meeting the opportunity to volunteer for duties.


8.      Community Update:


1.      There was nothing to report regarding the MFCHA, Agricultural Club, SWRI and Craft Club.  

2.      Speyside Forum.   Pat advised the committee that the Forum had sent letters to both Bear Scotland and Moray Council expressing concerns regarding the conditions of the roads/pavements as well as lack of bin collections within Speyside over the winter period as a result of the snow and ice.

  1. Badminton Club.  Poorly attended but next meeting is 22nd April 7.30 p.m.

Andrea suggested that we arrange friendly matches against other clubs e.g. Archiestown and Glenlivet.

4.      Neighbourhood Watch.   Stickers were attached to recent newsletter issued to all residents..


9.   Phone Box. 


It was unanimously agreed that we try and adopt the phone box.  Andrea advised that she had had several phone calls from Edinvillie residents supporting this view.  It was agreed that we would not retain the electric power supply to it.  Highland Council (who provide the insurance) have confirmed that there is no charge for liability cover on the box and it was felt that property cover was not required.  Andrea to action.


10.   Constitution.


It was reported that Archiestown have a strong junior committee and ECHC agreed that, subject to being able to comply with various legislation including Disclosure Scotland regulations, that we try and establish a junior committee within Edinvillie as it was felt it was important to try and encourage the younger members of the community to play an active role in it.  Andrea to make further enquiries.


11.        Correspondence.


1.      Andrea advised that she had been in discussions with Moray Council as we had received a backdated invoice for £1875.90 relating to non-domestic rates for the hall.  It appears that Moray Council had written to the committee at the beginning of the year regarding our charitable status but that we had not received this letter or the various reminders which they had issued.  Margaret to action.

2.      Moray Council have requested volunteers for various working parties relating to community engagement.  It was decided that we would not participate at this moment in time.

3.       Pat read out the letters she had written on behalf of ECHC to Moray Council and their initial response.  It was noted that Moray Council have undertaken to write to her again by 24th April.



12.    AOCB


1.      Margaret advised that she had ordered more oil which was due to be delivered shortly and that she would arrange for the tank to be padlocked in future.  The sensor battery will also need to be checked.

2.      Community clean up day.  It was agreed that this would take place on Sunday May 9th at 2 p.m.   Andrea to contact Moray Council Environmental Services for 10 bags and also to arrange collection of the rubbish.  “Event” to be advertised in Northern Scot.

3.      Baby Changing Mats:  It was felt that we need to consider the provision of a baby changing facility within the Hall.  Item will be carried forward to next meeting for further consideration.

  1. Flowers.  Margaret to check with Moray Council regarding availability.



DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING:    10th MAY 2010   7.30 P.M.