1.  Present:        Andrea Fuller, Pat Shanks, Margaret Grant, Ina Whyte, John Dunbar,

                           Sheila Willox, Beattie Mitchell, Colin Murphy, Lynne Murphy,

                           Paula Roberts, Leslie Murphy


2.  Apologies:    Davina Brown, Georgina Legg


3.  Approval of Minutes:  The Minutes were amended under Item 4 Matters Arising Point 1 Gift Aid to reflect more clearly that the discussion regarding the appointment of trustees was in relation to our registered charity status.  The Charity Trustees are not currently detailed in our Constitution, however the appointment of Hall trustees is very specific.  On this basis, the Minutes were approved by Pat Shanks and seconded by Sheila Willox.


4.   Matters Arising:


1.                   Update on Hall Trustees:  The Rev. Shuna Dicks and Chris Burns, Aberlour Primary School head teacher have both agreed to act a Hall Trustees.  Diageo have also stated their willingness to accept this position and will let Andrea have the name of the appropriate person within their organisation as soon as possible.  It was agreed after much discussion that the committee would approach Cllr McConachie in the first instance to become a Hall Trustee and if he declined then Fiona Murdoch would be invited and thereafter Pearl Paul.  The order of approach was decided purely on an alphabetical basis and their appointment would be dependent on them being an elected councillor for the area.

2.                  Charity Trustees:  It was agreed that the present Chair, Vice Chair & Treasurer would become trustees for the Charity and that this role would become part of their duties when elected at the AGM.  It had not been possible to appoint an external person as Charity Trustee and it was therefore decided to keep the appointments “in-house”.

3.                  Kitchen Floor: No response had been received to date.  Andrea to issue reminder letter in a couple of weeks.

4.         Phone Box:  The BT contract requires us to comply with Planning legislation.  Andrea had contacted the council for advice but will seek a response in writing.  The committee also discussed whether the box was “moving” as the angle of lean appeared to have increased over the last few years. 

5.                    Junior Committee:   Andrea had been in touch with Archiestown regarding the establishment of their junior committee.  This concept has also been raised with Speyside High pupils and a number of youngsters have already expressed an interest.  The committee will need to ensure that we comply with Disclosure Scotland regulations.  

6.                   Moray Council non-domestic rate demands:  Andrea advised that we have now received an invoice for this year totalling £2,442.00.  Margaret to forward documentation relating to the application for charitable discount to the council.


5.     Treasurer’s report.

            Income received:   Laurel & Hardy £109.00 (plus hall hire of £55.00)

                                          Quiz                   £210.48

                                          2 x Whist           £  83.00


                       Balance on main account:  £2,942.35

                       100 Club:                           £   471.69  (£150.00 prize money is still uncashed) 


                       Petty Cash:                         £     42.05


6.    Coin Presentation.

Presentation to High School children was made at the school on 7th May.

Party for pre/primary school children will take place on Sunday 16th May.  Sheila to source the prizes for games, Lynne & Margaret to supply jelly, Pat & Paula to supply cakes for adults.  Margaret to buy ice-cream and Andrea to buy the juice for the children.  Pat & Andrea to discuss arrangements with Marjorie Walker.  Chris Burns and Rev Shuna Dicks to be invited to attend.


7.     Community Update.

Speyside Forum:   Pat briefed the committee on the discussion which took place at the last meeting.

SWRI:     Ina advised that at the next meeting of the SWRI a new committee would be appointed.

Craft Club:  This will recommence in October.  Andrea thanked Ina on behalf of the committee for the donation of soup bowls from the Craft Club.

Badminton:  The Badminton Club is now up and running and attracting new members each week to both the Junior and Adult sessions.  It was suggested by ECHC committee that the badminton club members should give some consideration as to how they intend running/managing the club and that the signatories to the bank account should be updated if appropriate.


There was nothing to report from the Agricultural Club or MFCHA.


8.       Community Clean Up/Moray Best Kept Village.

The Community Clean Up took place on Sunday 9th May and all roads throughout Edinvillie and Glenallachie were included in this “event”.  It was agreed to issue a letter to all residents asking them to be aware of litter-louts.  There is a great deal of dog foul around the 2 villages and it was agreed to see if we could obtain appropriate signage.

After a long discussion, it was agreed that we would not enter the Best Kept Village competition.

Chris Roberts will collect plants from Moray Council.  Leslie Murphy will ask Jimmy Tarling if he could assist as well.



9.        Ongoing Hall Maintenance.

1.                    Fire Extinguishers:  These have been inspected recently and all appropriate work carried out.

2.                  Hall Floor.  This needs a new coat of Bourneseal on it.  Leslie to make enquiries.

3.                  Roof/Guttering:  Andrea to obtain itemised quote from Grants of Dufftown regarding broken guttering, missing roof cement, identification of cause of damp patches.

4.                  Disabled toilets:  The committee accepted this needs updating but felt we had insufficient funds to carry out this work given their limited use.

5.                  Fuse Box:  Replacement of fuse box with trip switches is to be treated as a priority project.  Andrea to obtain quotes from Grants of Dufftown and Raymond Strathdee.  We could also seek guidance from Diageo as they are a Hall trustee.   Consideration to be given to applying for a grant regarding this work e.g. LEADER funding.


10.   Hall Keeper job description.

The 2004 job description for the above position was discussed and updated as appropriate.


11.    Future Events.

1.                   Ben Walk.  It was agreed we would invite neighbouring communities to join us – Glenrinnes, Carron, Knockando and Archiestown.  A Pig Roast would be held afterwards.  Andrea to check with Jenny if she wants to arrange this, if not John will ask George Brown.  Consideration to be given to holding a fun-day/It’s a Knock-out competition in the afternoon.

2.                  Street Dancing.  It was agreed to pursue this.

3.                   Summer holiday activities.  It was agreed we would ascertain what activities the younger children would like to take place in the hall.  Their opinions would be sought on Sunday 16th May.


12.     Correspondence.

No correspondence has been received.


13.      AOCB

It was agreed we would submit items for inclusion in the Town & Country page of the Northern Scot direct to the paper in future.




DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING:   21st June 2010   7.30 p.m.