Edinvillie Drama Club Scrapbook

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1985 performances of
'Trouble Brewing'
'A Plumber and A Man'
1986 performance of the Shilling a Week Man
1986 performance of
'The Shillin' a Week Man'
Crowd anticipation August 14th 1959
1987 performance of
'Kye Amang The Corn'
1988 performance of 
S for Sugar Candy
1988 performance of
'"S" for Sugar Candy
1989 performance of 
'When The Mavis Sings'
1989 performance of
'When The Mavis Sings'
1990 performance of Burnieknowe
1991 performance of The Tinkers road
1991 performance of
'The Tinkers Road'
1992 performance of Cobblers Luck
1992 performance of
'Cobblers Luck'
!993 performance of The Spent Match
1993 performance of
 'The Spent Match'
1994 performance of Beneath The Wee Red Lums
1994 performance of
'Beneath The Wee Red Lums'
1996 performances of The Shillin' a week Man & Trouble Brewing
1996 performances of
'The Shillin' A Week Man'
'Trouble Brewing'
1997 performances of Community Centre
1997 performances of
'Community Centre'
1998 Year out
A Year Out
1999 performances of The Domestic Dictator & The Night Out
1999 performances of
'The Domestic Dictator'
'The Night Out'
2000 performance of Who Shot The Pianist
2000 performance of
'Who Shot The Pianist'
2001 performances of Anew Hall & A Bride for Heather Hill
2001 performances of
'The New Hall'
'A Bride For Heatherhill'

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