AGM 2008/9 - Chairman's Report

I doubt if anybody who attended the 2008 AGM could have imagined what a monumental year 2009 would turn out to be.  We knew there would be a lot of work involved in making the hall’s 50th birthday a memorable one but the last 12 months have probably surprised us all.

The Craft Fair was the first major event of the year and although the weather conspired against us big time it wasn’t the disaster it could have been.  There seems no shortage of traders willing to come to Edinvillie Fairs, all we need is a bit of luck with the weather and the public in a pre-Xmas spending mood so fingers crossed for this year. 

The Xmas Party always seems to go down well; there’s rarely any negative feedback from that.

The Race Night was the first major event of 2009.  Trying anything new is always risky but on this occasion I think we hit the jackpot.  We made more money than we expected and saw a lot of new faces in the hall.  Although we ended up with a wee bit more work on the night than expected, we’re grateful to those who stood in at the last second to ensure its smooth running.  It’s an event certainly worth considering again. 

The weather smiled on us for the Ben Walk and BBQ.  Not a huge turnout but enough to make it a successful and enjoyable day.

Speyside’s Got Talent.  Like the race night something new but ultimately a great success.  One or two problems on the night can’t detract from the fact that this evening really put Edinvillie on the map.  Our thanks for that go specifically to Dorothy and the sub-committee for all their planning and hard work. 

The Birthday Weekend.  I could spend a whole evening talking about this but I won’t.  Hindsight is a great thing and we all have our views on how the last few months panned out.  Outwith that, a hell of a lot of work went into organising one famous weekend in August.  All the feedback was extremely positive after the event and, despite everything, I personally feel proud of what Edinvillie achieved that weekend.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their positive contributions to making it a weekend to remember.  Still my biggest regret was that our Treasurer wasn’t fit enough to attend. 

Outwith the big events, the hall is still as popular as ever.  The Bikers still come to us, the quizzes and the whists continue to attract a small but loyal band of followers and meetings and private functions are still regular occurrences.

Over the year hall improvements have been significant outside and in; everything from car park, painting, stage curtains and blinds, toilets etc.  Also I have to mention the website which I still aren’t on yet but, according to everyone else in the world who is, is a rather impressive advert for Edinvillie, thanks to Andrea and Bob.

Finally, can I just thank three of my fellow office bearers who have or are stepping down.  Jimmy, my vice chair, Dorothy, who’s time and work paved the way for most of the success of this year, and Theresa, who after 10 years or so of Treasurer, is taking a well earned rest.

The last two years have been interesting (I chose that word carefully).  I’ve enjoyed most of it but for various reasons have decided to step down as Chairman.  I’m quite happy to stay on the committee and do my bit.  Can I just thank everyone who has helped or contributed in anyway over the last couple of years and wish the new office bearers and committee all the best for the future.

Ian Wright


Edinvillie Community Hall Council